Drs. Melissa Tiessen & Karen Dyck: Imposter Syndrome in Clinicians
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Imposter syndrome combined with the somewhat curious & paradoxical phenomenon of over-identification with being a clinician is a familiar combination for many psychotherapists.  Drs. Melissa Tiessen & Karen Dyck of the Intentional Therapist join us for a discussion of these important barriers to clinician well-being.  In this conversation we cover:    imposter syndrome & ill-suited syndromethe rigours of the profession vs. the personal and coping resources the majority of clinicians are able to bring to bear to manage these demandsdangers of unaddressed imposter syndrome in clinicians both related to the delivery of clinical services as well as the management of private practicesinternal and external factors that drive imposter syndrome in cliniciansover-identification with being a clinician - signs, symptoms and copingfinding a balance between the very real competency based demands of being a clinician (e.g., continuing education, requirements of regulatory bodies) and sustainable self-care that does not become avoidance  Host note: We will be offering a 6 week essentials of CBT workshop that I will be facilitating beginning March 24, 2023.  For more information and registration, please visit: https://www.ottawacbt.ca/news Please come join us! Dr. Karen Dyck completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the University of South Dakota and currently works in private practice in Oakbank, Manitoba.  She is also presently the Executive Director of the Manitoba Psychological Society.  Before shifting to private practice, Karen spent the bulk of her career working within the Rural and Northern Psychology Program at the University of Manitoba’s Department of Clinical Health Psychology, and is a former chair of the Rural and Northern Psychology Section of the Canadian Psychological Association.  Dr. Melissa Tiessen completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at McGill University and currently works in private practice in Ottawa, Ontario.  Melissa also previously worked in the Rural and Northern Psychology Program at the University of Manitoba, as well as has served as the Education Director for the CPA, overseeing the organization’s accreditation and continuing education activities.  Karen and Melissa both have a longstanding interest in self-care and workplace wellness initiatives.  Recognizing that there are so many female mental health professionals, like themselves, who are trying to balance careers with additional caregiving roles, in 2019 Karen and Melissa co-founded Intentional Therapist.  Their mission is to help female mental health professionals stay healthy and happy through intentional, creative, and playful self-care.  https://www.intentionaltherapist.ca/
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