Pricing Your Art
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How do you price your art? It seems like such a hard question for an artist to answer. We’re taught not to talk about money, but that’s exactly what Sarah, Ping, and Dorien are talking about this week on the thriving Women Artist podcast. Find out not only how you should be pricing your work, but also why it is important to do so.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Working towards the right price is very important. You need to be happy with the amount you’re being paid and the client has to feel like it’s a fair price. If you are allowing yourself to be underpaid, that allows people to underpay other artists. This has partly led to the art licensing world paying half the price it used to. An original illustration should be more expensive than a scan or print. Scans or prints can be replicated, the original cannot. When pricing your art you don’t only need to take into account the amount of time you’re spending on the artwork, but also the material costs involved. Think about this when making digital art too. You have invested in the equipment and software to be able to make the art. Also consider any costs and time costs in travel and research. As a self employed person, you do not get sick pay or holiday pay, or money going into your pension. You need to make sure you’re charging enough to save for these things. Don’t be afraid to ask for a client's budget.     BEST MOMENTS ‘Making art is undervalued’ ‘If your price is too low it can be hard to ask for a higher price in the future’ ‘I deliver 200% more to the clients than my competitors’ ‘Time is money I’m sorry to say’   EPISODE RESOURCES   Facebook groups: - illustrators for fair pay - illustration pricing discussion group Book: Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines   ABOUT THE PODCAST A serious and fun podcast for female creatives hosted by Ping, Dorien and Sarah, three happy artists from Amsterdam.  This podcast will inspire you to make a living out of your art. We welcome you to be part of this community of like-minded people.   ABOUT THE HOSTS Ping He Ping is a watercolor artist. Her work is inspired by nature and her motherhood experience. She develops her greeting cards brand and teaches Botanical Illustration courses online and offline. [email protected]   Sarah van Dongen Sarah is a children’s book illustrator and visual artist. She takes her sketchbooks and art supplies everywhere, which results in illustrations based on observation and daily life. [email protected]   Dorien Bellaar: Dorien is an illustration artist. Her work is mainly focused on illustration for children, editorial/food illustration, hand lettering, and she likes to combine those into both traditional and digital art. [email protected] See for privacy information.
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