Building a Children's Book Portfolio
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Find out what a children’s book portfolio is, why you should have one, when you should use one, what to put in it, and much more on this week's Thriving Women Artists. Join Ping, Sarah, and Dorien as they discuss this topic and give you some great real world advice to help anyone starting out in the world of children’s book illustration.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Your children’s book portfolio should be filled with professional style work that publishers can look at and know your ability straight away. By making a portfolio you can narrow down and make your niche in children's illustration. IT can help you discover what you’re passionate about making. You can make different portfolios for different publishers or styles of book. If one publisher makes books for older kids, you can leave out some of the stuff aimed at younger children. However don’t make it only one type of thing because sometimes people want to see something different to what they usually do. If you’re asking yourself if it is the right time to start your children’s book portfolio, it is always a good time to get started. It’s a process of growing like everything else in art. Remember that quality is much more important than quantity.       BEST MOMENTS   ‘It’s not only about skill, they also want to know how you think differently’ ‘Find a publisher who fits to your work’   EPISODE RESOURCES   Beatrice Alemagna   Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators   ABOUT THE PODCAST   A serious and fun podcast for female creatives hosted by Ping, Dorien and Sarah, three happy artists from Amsterdam.  This podcast will inspire you to make a living out of your art. We welcome you to be part of this community of like-minded people.    ABOUT THE HOSTS   Ping He Ping is a watercolor artist. Her work is inspired by nature and her motherhood experience. She develops her greeting cards brand and teaches Botanical Illustration courses online and offline. [email protected]   Sarah van Dongen Sarah is a children’s book illustrator and visual artist. She takes her sketchbooks and art supplies everywhere, which results in illustrations based on observation and daily life. [email protected]   Dorien Bellaar: Dorien is an illustration artist. Her work is mainly focused on illustration for children, editorial/food illustration, hand lettering, and she likes to combine those into both traditional and digital art. [email protected] See for privacy information.
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