How to Handle Disappointments in Your Creative Journey
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We all agree that disappointments are part of life, so they are a part of your artistic career too. Disappointments will happen, that’s part of the journey and there is so much to learn from them. This week on Thriving Women Artists, Ping, Sarah and Dorien will be discussing tips on how you can not let disappointment get the better of you and how you can turn everything into a learning moment.
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Published 06/27/22
Why do we have excuses? When you really think about it, the excuse is usually there before we even start working, there is no real reason we shouldn’t do it, we just don’t want to. Excuses are the topic of conversation this week on Thriving Women Artists. Join Ping, Sarah, and Dorien as they...
Published 06/27/22
We’ve all practised and practised for what we think could be coming in our artistic careers, but what if something comes up that you’ve never done before? This week on Thriving Women Artists, Ping, Sarah, and Dorien will be giving you helpful tips on how you can start a new project that you’ve...
Published 06/19/22