Rick talks about getting away from the notion of "control" in our gardens, and why that doesn't mean not doing anything.
Published 10/23/10
Rick notes the similarities between his co-author William Robinson and Charles Darwin, as well as the influence of other thinkers on our notion of "wild".
Published 10/16/10
Rick discusses what's new in this edition of the 1870 book, as well as the book's connection to New York's Central Park.
Published 10/09/10
Rick discusses the sustainability and longevity of the wild style of gardening, and the difference between mere nativism versus picking plants that work for your conditions.
Published 10/02/10
Rick talks about the new edition of this book and how influential it's been since 1870 in terms of understanding wildness, ecology, and garden design.
Published 09/25/10
John discusses the problems with a one-size-fits-all approach for America's many different environments, as well as our obsession with perfection.
Published 09/11/10
John discusses the aesthetics of grass ecologies, and bringing back the local grasses that once defined our communities.
Published 09/04/10
John continues his discussion of the negative impacts of lawns — both environmental and economic — and the many benefits of meadow gardens.
Published 08/28/10
John talks about taking care of the planet, not just decorating it, and how his book isn't just a gardening book, but a manifesto on the American lawn.
Published 08/21/10
Love talks about clients who want instant gratification and shares how being a designer changes her personal approach to gardening.
Published 08/07/10
Love talks about environmental issues, her favorite landscape features, and how to find a crew you can trust.
Published 07/31/10
Love discusses useful education and organizations for someone starting out, dealing with difficult clients, and disasters she's experienced.
Published 07/24/10
Love shares the best and worst parts of the job and discusses how being a successful garden designer is different from being a successful gardener.
Published 07/17/10
Love discusses how she came to be a garden designer herself, her first client, and the toughest part about starting your own business.
Published 07/10/10
David and Kathryn give advice on plant placement as well as mites and nematodes.
Published 06/26/10
David and Kathryn talk about the basics of pruning and improving your soil, as well as dealing with insects.
Published 06/19/10
David and Kathryn discuss the most common misunderstandings people have about plants and how to fix them.
Published 06/12/10
David and Kathryn talk about the many different maladies covered by their book, and why they only recommended organic solutions for them.
Published 06/05/10
David and Kathryn explain how the book evolved as a system for diagnosing plant ailments step-by-step, and how it works for all plants in all places.
Published 05/29/10
Debra discusses the sophisticated appeal of succulents and why they're better than flowers, as well as what plants to look for and buying succulents online.
Published 05/22/10
Debra talks about the increasing focus on plant staging — how to choose a pot, where to get them, and where to go to see the best succulent displays.
Published 05/15/10
Debra talks about how easy it is to care for succulents, how to deal with a succulent that you've over-watered, and the use of succulents in green roofs and as fire-retardants.
Published 05/08/10
Debra explains how containers make a difference for succulents, especially in colder climates. She also discusses succulents' role in basic design concepts.
Published 05/01/10
Val reminds us not obsess over the details, trying to control everything. She also discusses what the criteria should be for your favorite plants.
Published 04/24/10
Val talks about the bane of weeding and the ultimate solution. She also discusses how organic practices actually make gardening easier.
Published 04/17/10