Webb Telescope Fully Assembled in Space, the Insanity of Starship, and a Hubble-born Perspective | TIS#264
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On this week's episode we share some thoughts on just how significant the success of James Webb Space Telescope is so far after being assembled in space on its way to 1 million miles from Earth at L2. There's a lot we will learn about existence after the big bang thanks to JWST, and we know that Hubble changed the way we look at space. Who doesn't have a Hubble pic on their computer? You can support the podcast and get a 3D printed JWST inspired coaster here in our esty store at ag3dprinting.etsy.com We also talk about the difference between Engineers & Scientists, and how they support each other. And of course we share some thoughts about how crazy SpaceX's Starship is as the "chopsticks" of the launch tower are being weight tested before trying to literally catch the most powerful first stage rocket we have ever built... Thanks for joining us this week! Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop ag3dprinting.etsy.com Donate at todayinspace.net Share the podcast with friends & family!
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Published 05/16/22
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