Astronomy & 3D Printing | Capturing the M101 Supernova with Vespera & Starship rocket pen ALMOST ready for launch!
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On this episode, we share an AG3D lab update on our 3dprinted Starship rocket pen and the latest design development - its almost ready for launch! We also chat about astronomy and capturing the M101 pinwheel galaxy Supernova with our Vespera Telescope   We discuss how important new observations are for continuing our understanding of the universe and reality we live in... Let us know what you think, and if you have any thoughts on our 3dprinted rocket pen or the M101 supernova! Please send us any requests for topics on future shows, or stellar objects we should observe - Email us at [email protected] SOURCES: 17 people in space  -------------------------- Here's to building a fantastic future - and continued progress in Space (and humanity)! Spread Love, Spread Science Alex G. Orphanos We'd like to thank our sponsors: • Caldera Lab • Manscaped • AG3D Printing Follow us: @todayinspacepod on Instagram/Twitter   @todayinspace on TikTok   /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Support the podcast:   • Get 20% OFF at Caldera Lab - use code SPACE or go to   • Get 20% OFF@manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod #sponsored   • Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop -   • Get a free quote on your next 3D printing project at   • Donate at #space #rocket #podcast #people #spacex #moon #science #3dprinting #nasa #tothemoon #spacetravel #spaceexploration #aerospace #spacetechnology #engineer #alien #stem #listenable #iss #alienlife #astronomy #astrophysics  
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Published 09/04/23
Published 09/04/23