No One Heard a Thing ////// 657
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No One Heard a Thing ////// 657 Part 1 of 1 In the middle of the night someone shot and killed Eli Washtock inside his third floor condominium. Eli was spending a lot of time and money working on an investigation into the suspicious death of Michelle O’Connell. Eli was living in St. Augustine, Florida and was working with O’Connell family and blood and crime scene experts. Many have said that Eli’s murder had everything to do with the O’Connell case cover up. This week we take a look at the still unsolved homicide case of Eli Washtock. Beer of the Week - Horizon Lines by Foam Brewers Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps
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Published 06/07/23
Published 06/07/23
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