A quick Christmas podcast with salty cousin Pace about Christmas music and whatever else popped up in conversation
Published 12/25/21
Published 12/25/21
Come listen to us quote random Christmas movies, talk about favorite songs and characters, and have a Michael Buble/Mariah Carrey war (Buble is superior no matter what Madie says!).
Published 12/09/21
Join the two salty sisters with our two salty cousins at our Thanksgiving kids table.
Published 11/25/21
Today we have a special guest, our salty friend Cassi. Come on a corn maze adventure, grab some pumpkins, and eat some soup with us. Also note: posting this without listening to it first so hopefully you can here us when in the corn maze and that the wind and restraunt aren't too loud.
Published 09/25/21
Today, or rather tonight, Madie and I discuss the Disney live action movies: our favorites, least favorites, what we wish they would make, and a brief heated discussion about our varied opinions on the live action Mulan.
Published 04/04/21
Happy Christmas Eve! This may be our most chaotic podcast yet and we wouldn't have it any other way. This time we were joined by our cousin Pace and we just chat just like we do every year on Christmas Eve.
Published 12/25/20
As usual we derail the conversation constantly and this time we tried to talk about some of our favorite holiday things.
Published 12/23/20
Madie is about to start her senior year of college so this will be our last podcast for the time being. Today we basically just sat and talked because we've been busy and haven't had time to sit and talk to each other.
Published 08/12/20
Today we talk about spirit animals and what others have said ours are and what we think each others are. Also our mom becomes a brief guest and our discussion goes of the train tracks once again. 😁
Published 08/05/20
Today we talked about the concerts we've been to. We mostly talk about which were our favorite concerts and different experiences we've had.
Published 07/29/20
This week's topic is Twilight! We discuss moments we like and don't in the movie and talk about how we view it now as adults.
Published 07/22/20
Today we talk about Friends...again! This time we ranked the characters, ranked significant others or tried, and talked about our favorite seasons.
Published 07/16/20
Today we talk about Hamilton since it was released on Disney+ last week. We talk about our reactions after watching it and the questions we have after seeing it performed.
Published 07/08/20
Today we have our cousin as our first guest star! We played a trivia game and Jordyn says I made her look stupid in front of 8 people.
Published 07/01/20
This episode we didn't really have much to talk about so we talk a little about our days and we take random Buzzfeed quizzes.
Published 06/24/20
This week we discuss animated characters who we think are attractive.
Published 06/17/20
This episode we talk about everything we have watched since last Wednesday. We also discuss shows we want to watch in the future.
Published 06/10/20
In this episode we finish our discussion on New Girl. Morgan finished watching the whole show in a week so we go through and talk about the entire show.
Published 06/03/20
Morgan watched New Girl for the first time and we discuss her thoughts on the first episode.
Published 05/27/20
Today we talked about random fun facts.
Published 05/20/20
This episode we talk about Friends, Madie's favorite TV show.
Published 05/13/20
This episode we discuss our favorite Disney villians and who we think are the evilest Disney villians.
Published 05/06/20