Do I Really Need My Stuff Back From My Ex?
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Jared and Jordana are back with another Sunday Special, and this week they’re answering an email from a listener who’s trying to get her stuff back from her ex. What is his motivation to hang on to these things? And what items should you just let go of in a breakup? Plus, they discuss how the reasons for a breakup get spun by each side of the relationship. Finally, they play a round of Sunday Swiping Scaries about fish pictures and goat DNA. Be sure to visit to find out more about their delicious hard seltzer!
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Published 01/17/22
On this week’s Sunday Special, Jared and Jordana answer an email from a listener asking if her situationship fizzled because of an awkward sexual encounter. They went on four good dates, but when they finally had sex, it was a letdown. He started being distant afterwards, so she texted him to ask...
Published 01/16/22