Drones attack Moscow and Kyiv
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Several buildings in Moscow have been hit in rare drone attacks. President Putin claimed the strikes were aimed at “civilian targets” and accused Kyiv of trying to frighten Russia. Kyiv was also targeted for the third night running - buildings there were set on fire and at least one person is reported to have been killed. BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner, Russia editor Steve Rosenberg and Anastasia Gribanova from the BBC Ukrainian Service discuss whether this signals a new phase in the war. Today’s episode is presented by Victoria Derbyshire and Vitaly Shevchenko. The producers were Clare Williamson and Adam Chowdhury. The technical producer was Rohan Madison. The series producer is Tim Walklate. The assistant editor is Alison Gee and the editor is Jonathan Aspinwall. Email [email protected] with your questions and comments. You can also send us a message or voice note via WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram to +44 330 1239480
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