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THEY'RE ONLY SHIFTING THE NARRATIVE BECAUSE THEYRE ABOUT TO LOSEEEEEEEEEEEE IN NOVEMBER!!!!! Today we're discussing the HUGE media shift, AOC has a new date (with a virus), the navy is now becoming an American Girl Doll center to talk about your feelings, and Lizzo is celebrating gaining weight.... Babe buckle up, I have a lot to say. Get an iced mocha with an extra shot of espresso, and BE UNCANCELLABLE
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Published 05/06/22
I FEEL LIKE WE'RE BACK IN 2020! The infographics are back, the buffoonery, the treating cops like crap, the scary "protestors" (rioters).... and all because of a leaked opinion. There hasn't even been any legislation. Yet, the people who haven't spoken a word about politics since BLM are now...
Published 05/06/22
Not only has a deranged leftist leaked a SCOTUS opinion to the public, but now the left is working overtime to drum up a bunch of lies and misconceptions on Roe V Wade. Let's discuss it, because this is ridiculous. The Met Gala was a typical celebrity get together demonstrating to the whole...
Published 05/03/22