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It was NEVER about "acceptance and tolerance." It's ALWAYS been about forcing participation. This week we talk about how the rainbow cult ostracizes members from the rest of society. You'll often notice changes in behavior from your family members/friends who join, and many times they get distant. It's imperative that you don't change alongside your family member/friend. Don't indulge their bad behavior if they begin to get demanding about your participation in the cult. Stay a loving friend/family member, but refuse to join them. If someone requires the people around them to do everything they do, it's because they know inwardly that something is off about their lifestyle. THANK THE LORD FOR THE TAMPA BAY RAYS. Why does everything good in 2022 come out of Florida? 4 or 5 members have REFUSED to wear the "rainbow patch" like the rest of the team, stating that it is simply not a lifestyle they want to showcase. Praise the Lord. AND YAY CHESA BOUDIN WAS RECALLED! Have the best weekend and happy frappuccino Friday! BE UNCANCELLABLE
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Published 06/10/22
RUNNNNN, HIDEEEEE, IT'S PRIDE MONTHHHHHH LMFAOOOOOO The rainbow cult sells itself as being loving, tolerant, and inclusive. It draws people in by the glitters and sparkles it presents. It acts as though it's a place to find refuge, especially if you're a person who's been rejected their whole...
Published 06/01/22
We're all heartbroken. Definitely a different tone and episode style this week. but nevertheless Uvalde was politicized immediately and we need to talk about. May God comfort every single one of the families in mourning. Be UNCANCELLABLE.
Published 05/27/22