S05 Episode 15: It Came From Above
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In January 1986, a strange object was witnessed crashing into a mountain in a far eastern region of the then Soviet Union. Described by some as Russia's Roswell, analysis of the crash site is also said to have revealed intriguing similarities with one of the world's greatest mysteries involving something falling to earth from space...  Go to twitter @unexplainedpod, facebook.com/unexplainedpodcast or unexplainedpodcast.com for more info. Thank you for listening. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Many are fascinated by Heinrich Himmler and the National Socialist German Workers' Party's (NSDAP) association with the occult.  It is an association that in ways, along with the term 'Nazi,' has clouded one of the fundamental truths about Himmler and the NSDAP.  Go to twitter @unexplainedpod,...
Published 06/12/21
By all accounts, Robert Taylor wasn’t a man prone to exaggeration. Certainly, encounters of the strange were the furthest thing from his mind when he headed out to work on the outskirts of Livingstone, in Scotland, one chilly morning in November 1979.  Soon, it would be all people would want to...
Published 06/04/21
The issue of relying on the memory of individuals to recall events in criminal matters, particularly eye-witnesses to a crime, is one that continues to plague the criminal justice system. Pioneering psychologist Elizabeth Loftus, who's spent the last fifty years looking into the subject, has...
Published 05/28/21