Ashley’s passion for serving people took her from St. Louis Missouri to the big apple where she now  litigates criminal cases for the city of New York. Her competitive spirit as an athlete and forever supportive mother are big reasons for her growth and success as a young professional. She vows to give back to young people of color who need encouragement and exposure to career opportunities that exist beyond what they see in their day-to-day lives.
Published 04/29/19
Kojo is a change agent determined to help people of color reach their fullest potential. Throughout his career he’s focused on education and philanthropy as tools for cultivating stronger communities.
Published 03/04/19
Angela is a private chef, food blogger, recipe developer, and food photographer. This Jill of all trades courageously made the leap from a 9-to-5 life to entrepreneurship after 10 years as an accountant.
Published 01/19/19
Our guest is a Jersey born, Richmond raised, electrical engineer whose fascinated with how things work. Inspired by his role models and moved by life lessons, Brandon successfully found a path to a sustainable career. The future is bright because he understands the importance of his representation and how it illuminates opportunities in the field of engineering for young people of color. 
Published 01/05/19
Black professionals only make up 3% of the tech workforce in Silicon Valley. Phume is a unicorn. This fashion designer turned techie is a now Service Designer at Autodesk. We discuss African heritage, the departure from J.Crew, and her love for design.
Published 12/19/18
Running through the process of an initial podcast, blah blah blah.
Published 10/26/18