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Nick and family are back in their hometown for a while and have been faced with the question full-time RVers hear all the time, "You're just living the dream, aren't you?" So Nick and I delve into what that "dream" really is, how we've made it possible for ourselves and touch on how neither of us really feel that it's our ultimate dream.    Follow Untethered: Twitter Follow Taylor: Twitter/Instagram/MOD/Best Damn EDC/CNET Follow Nick: Twitter/Instagram/High Tech Traveler/The Gray...
Published 07/18/18
No one said life on the road would be easy. And you better believe that there will be something waiting for you at every turn. A flat tire. A bent axle. Water damage. Full-body rashes. The one thing you have to be able to do is roll with the punches and deal with the problems as they come. Here are some of the problems Nick and I have already run into in our short stories so far.    Follow Untethered: Twitter/Anchor Follow Taylor: Twitter/Instagram/MOD/Best Damn EDC/CNET Follow...
Published 06/29/18
Life on the road can be cheap -- it's part of what lured Alex and me (and many others) into this type of adventure. But it can also be pretty expensive. Fortunately, Nick Gray has several months of experience and extensive expense records. He recently published a video about the expenses his family experienced in their first three months on the road, and he gives a peek into what it's like and what being a full-time RV family can cost.   Follow Untethered: Twitter/Anchor Follow...
Published 06/15/18
Before diving into full-time RV living, there are some things you should know first. It's a big lifestyle change and shouldn't be taken lightly and deserves a ton of consideration. Regardless, things will take unexpected turns and costs will creep up on you. But if you do your research and plan accordingly, your first steps into the full-time RV world can go off without a hitch.  Types of RVs RV Travel Trailer Remodel: painting & water damage repair Thousand Trails first...
Published 06/01/18
We're back! (Yes, again. And yes, for real.) We've been gone for over a year now, and there are going to be some changes. Untethered has a new look, new art, new music, a new co-host and, most importantly, a new mission. As Taylor and Nick set out on their new journey of full-time RV living, they hope to help you learn through their experiences and (more likely) mistakes. Nick and his family have already set out in their Adventure Manufacturing Treasure Ship and have been on the road for...
Published 05/18/18