Unthinkable has ended. Please follow my new show, How Stories Happen, in its own feed.
Published 06/06/24
Unthinkable is no longer running new episodes. Listen to the new show, How Stories Happen, wherever you get your podcasts. This is the pilot episode. Enjoy!
Published 05/06/24
Published 05/06/24
Hear the trailer for my new show, How Stories Happen, where creators and communicators dissect their stories and drafts, piece by piece.
Published 03/29/24
The planning fallacy plagues most people, regardless of profession. We under-estimate how long something will take in the near-term, i.e. we over-estimate how ambitious we can be today. This then hurts our ability to be MORE ambitious long-term. In this story, we explore the idea of creative streaks and learn to reconcile our short-term and long-term projects and aspirations.
Published 02/26/24
How do stories really happen?
Published 02/07/24
What's the difference between creating content that others find and consume, and creating things that others adore?
Published 01/29/24
A question to increase the power of your ideas which we're just not asking often enough.
Published 01/18/24
An idea to embrace when you want or need to create, but you sense your work isn't quite where you want it to be yet.
Published 01/10/24
A holiday tradition on the show. I rewrote a class poem just for our purposes as content creators, storytellers, and marketers.
Published 12/18/23
Inspiration is everywhere -- if you're paying attention.
Published 11/20/23
Great stories aren't found and reported. They're built and practiced. Effective storytellers know how to imbue any moment with meaning.
Published 11/13/23
Respect creatives. Respect writers. Respect artists. Pay creatives. Pay writers. Pay artists.
Published 11/06/23
In our fourth episode of this mini-series, a prolific creator shares three different possible intros for a powerful new story -- and our dissection takes a surprising turn. (This series is like Song Exploder meets business storytelling!)
Published 10/18/23
In our third episode of the mini-series "Signature Stories," we're looking at how a small story can create massive meaning. This series is like Song Exploder but for business storytellers.
Published 09/25/23
In our second episode of the mini-series "Signature Stories," we're looking at the making of a tiny but powerful story our guest uses to change the power dynamic of a room for the better -- so he can teach and inspire his audience. This series is like Song Exploder but for business storytellers.
Published 09/11/23
In a brand new mini-series, we're diving into signature stories from our favorite storytellers. Like Song Exploder but for stories, we want the world's most brilliant business storytellers to take us inside their practice. It's there we can all learn to become more effective storytellers.
Published 08/28/23
In this one-shot, we explore taste - what it is, how we define it, and how we can continue to develop our own taste.
Published 08/14/23
It's our fourth episode hearing from creative people about their internal barriers. Specifically, we'll hear stories and ideas about the dreaded writers' block.
Published 07/31/23
The case for focusing on formats, specifics, and following your own interests.
Published 07/13/23
In this one-shot, we explore how to to define quality through creating useful friction, asking 3 important questions, and adding 2 habits into your creative practice.
Published 06/19/23
What does it look like to bet your business on resonance, not reach?
Published 06/05/23
In this one-shot, we explore the problems with how "story" is taught, and why rather than focusing on understanding story, we might want to understand how to be storytellers.
Published 05/22/23
In this miniseries called MINI-Series, we’re investigating the little pockets of work that resonate deeply. First up, copywriting and how the words we write can make people feel seen.
Published 05/10/23
From a popular video featuring artists Pharrell Williams and Maggie Rogers, an overlooked lesson for doing more meaningful creative work.
Published 04/24/23