Episode 142: Cheug Life
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This week: we do a deep dive into Cheug, we discuss the recent hot tub twitch streams, the secret, and so much more! shoutout cheuglife - https://www.instagram.com/cheuglife/?hl=en Follow Me: https://instagram.com/kurtisconner/ https://twitter.com/kurtisconner https://youtube.com/user/kurtisconner #veryreallygood
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HOWDY! This week: I talk about my experience in the Twitch Rivals Minecraft Tournament, Bo Burnham's "Inside", manifesting a Tesla, and I give an in-depth review of the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight that I unfortunately spent $50 on! Enjoy!  Follow...
Published 06/09/21
This week we've got the ONE & ONLY D'Angelo Wallace on the podcast this week to talk about his creative process, deleting over 20M views from your channel; and we make the definitive YouTuber apology tier list...and also give advice. Enjoy! subscribe to D'Angelo:...
Published 06/02/21
This week; we talk about the dating site for Disney Fans, the response to my newest video, we go over some weird national holidays in the Kurtis Corner; and we unfortunately say goodbye to Xun :(  Follow Me: https://instagram.com/kurtisconner/ https://twitter.com/kurtisconner...
Published 05/26/21