Ilya shares a fun dream he had about the gang and David blows up a TikTok about Jason. We meet David's newest hire and Jason attends a hamster's funeral on Zoom. And why did Ilya have to go to the hospital?
Published 05/22/20
David meets one of Netflix's newest stars before the show came out. The guys reminisce about high school pranks and Ilya is trying to help David. Plus, we hear some bad advice from David that Jason might actually listen to.
Published 05/17/20
David and Jason are coming to you from David's back yard. The boys discuss someone breaking into David's back yard, Jason's Zoom calls, and a little police pull over in Laguna Beach. Plus, Tik Tok talk and David's billion impressions campaign with a brand.
Published 05/10/20
David’s best friend Ilya moves to LA and joins Jason and Natalie to talk about their plans for the future and Ilya’s experience selling glowsticks. Plus, David starts a car wash business, the guys witness a robbery, and the detective who tracked them down.
Published 05/03/20
David, Jason, and Natalie talk about spending four days in an RV together for David's latest video. Hear about all the fights that happened and why Jason wouldn't share his chicken with David. Plus, David's new favorite texting app and Jason suspects there might be orgies going on without him.
Published 04/26/20
A stranger shows up in David's driveway and David ends up soaking wet. Plus, Jason's idea of a perfect wife, David gets free toilet paper, and Natalie's worst fight with David yet.
Published 04/19/20
David learns about child birth, Jason gets labeled the "Cool Dad" and Natalie's foster dog might be here to stay? Plus, David's playing a ton of video games, Jason gets ditched at a party, and what life will be like once quarantine is over.
Published 04/12/20
David and Natalie get a new puppy, the guys talk CGI, and why Jason won't hang out more. Plus, David thinks he peed the bed and Jason and Natalie pan a Vlog Squad uprising.
Published 04/05/20
David gets roasted for posting a TikTok, Jason hears a gunshot in his back yard, and Natalie complains why David won't ever kiss her. Plus, David finds out he has a lisp, and the guys stall their Bronco at Stormi's birthday party.
Published 03/28/20
David and Jason talk about their week in quarantine, how astronauts poop and David's unique taste in pizza. Plus, Jeff goes to a funeral, Jason talks about his movie, and David unveils why they stopped the video podcast.
Published 03/20/20
David puts Madison Beer in the hot seat, Jason explains what it's like to have kids, and the guys talk about how they got the name 'Vlog Squad'. Plus, Madison talks about getting kicked out of camp and the guys talk about the Coronavirus.
Published 03/14/20
David and Jason welcome David's 16 year old sister Esther and talk about being related to David, how to get into cool parties, and the Tik Tok she put on private. Plus, Jason makes an adult film in David's house, Ilya loses $10,000, and David's friend Alex tells of a hilarious prank David pulled way before the vlog.
Published 03/09/20
David messes up in a meeting, Benny Blanco is cool, and Jason gets dissed at his favorite restaurant. Plus, Natalie's mom stays too long, David buys a Hollywood tour bus, and Jason gives away $2500
Published 03/01/20
David thanks Jonah for ruining his trip, Natalie asks for a promotion, and David's assistant gets locked out. Plus, Natalie gets a song for Valentine's Day, and the guys interview Madison Beer about becoming a teenage pop star.
Published 02/23/20
David and Jason talk about the most expensive house in LA, David's trip to Fashion Week, and why Jason hates Valentine's Day. Jason confesses how being away from David is and the guys get rejected from a Hollywood party. Plus, David's plan for love, streaking, and you won't believe the celeb who DM'd Jason.
Published 02/15/20
David loses his movie privileges, Jonah pitches a celeb and Natalie gets promoted to husband. Plus, the guys discuss their bathroom safe space, a special guest appears on the Teeny Weenie, Natalie records her voice, and David confesses his love of "50 First Dates" to Adam Sandler.
Published 02/09/20
David's awkward hug with Natalie, Jason's kid gets grounded, and being a one-minute man. Plus, Natalie finds porn in the garage, Ilya gets pulled over, and Jason draws too much attention to himself.
Published 02/02/20
David and Jason talk about David's appearance on Jimmy Fallon, David catching on fire, and Jason getting stem cells. Plus, Corinna talks about picking up after her ex and the guys discuss therapy.
Published 01/25/20
David and Jason are joined by Natalie and her mom Jen. The four of them talk about Natalie taking David to the school dance, RV couples and the time Jen broke up a rager. Plus, Joe eats the last brownie, David wants to be on the Bachelor, and how to be grateful.
Published 01/18/20
David, Jason, and Natalie talk about David's shoot with Justin Bieber, Natalie coming out of her shell and Jason's paintball war with David. Plus, David ruins everyone's fun at the Golden Globes party, and Jeff wins $20,000 in Vegas.
Published 01/12/20
David and Jason ring in the New Year talking about Jason's son being a genius, Natalie finally taking a vacation, and David being a loser in high school. Plus, is masturbation better than sex? World War III and David makes his friend a great offer. Also, Jason finds Superman as a baby, and Jeff and Todd come by to talk about Jeff getting his teachers drunk in high school and Todd being a serial dater
Published 01/05/20
David and Jason welcome David’s best friend Ilya as the guys record in David’s hometown of Vernon Hills, Illinois. The guys talk about sex in public pools, Illya’s new podcast “Take Notes” and David helps his friend find out if his butthole looks like Jesus.  Plus, David brings Jason around for the “first time,” Ilya has a death wish and the guys debate life after death. Ilya's New Podcast here:https://youtu.be/lir-xv1gmdE
Published 12/28/19
David and Jason talk to their friend Corinna about dating DJ's, meeting Lil Wayne, and farting in your boyfriend's face. Plus, David goes on Kelly Clarkson, Jason "wrecks" David's Tesla, and Natalie wants to make a calendar.
Published 12/20/19
David and Jason welcome Casey Neistat to the show to talk about his YouTube career, what it means to have money, and the bold advice Casey gave David back in the day. Plus, the power of the Black Amex card, Vlog Squad can't get into a club, and the guys introduce the man who bank rolls David's videos.
Published 12/14/19