Peed My Pants in Front of Cops
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David gets roasted for posting a TikTok, Jason hears a gunshot in his back yard, and Natalie complains why David won't ever kiss her. Plus, David finds out he has a lisp, and the guys stall their Bronco at Stormi's birthday party.
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The guys find an owl outside, Taylor celebrates her birthday, and Jason finds out what gets on Ilya's nerves. Plus, Jason may be paying for private school that his son can't even attend, and the gang finds out who Jeff may be hooking up with.
Published 06/01/20
Ilya shares a fun dream he had about the gang and David blows up a TikTok about Jason. We meet David's newest hire and Jason attends a hamster's funeral on Zoom. And why did Ilya have to go to the hospital?
Published 05/22/20
David meets one of Netflix's newest stars before the show came out. The guys reminisce about high school pranks and Ilya is trying to help David. Plus, we hear some bad advice from David that Jason might actually listen to.
Published 05/17/20