S04 E05: Is Facebook Advertising Dead? With Josiah Sinanan and Benjamin Velázquez of Arcade Studios
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Today’s guests join us to talk about digital advertising and paid media. Affectionately known as our very own ‘Paid Papis', Josiah Sinanan and Benjamin Velazquez bring tons of expertise on the subject. Josiah is the Digital Lead at Arcade Studios, where he provides an array of unique clients from e-commerce to entertainment with paid media strategy and execution. Josiah oversees digital advertising activities for these clients across platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and emerging platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest. Benjamin is a Digital Coordinator at Arcade with a passion for helping founders and entrepreneurs humanize their brands to position themselves as leaders in their respective industries. He is an active leader and learner in the digital marketing industry, striving for both self and brand improvement while contributing to overall success. In this episode, we talk to Josiah and Benjamin about the huge impact that the iOS 14 update has had on Facebook data collection and what this means for advertisers, including some of the workarounds, strategies, and alternative platforms that brands can take advantage of as the need to diversify their channels increases. We also touch on ad creative for new platforms like TikTok, the importance of knowing thyself and thy audience, and the effectiveness of UGC (user-generated content), as well as how to allocate your advertising budget depending on your goals and the platform. Tune in today for all this and more from our advertising experts, Josiah Sinanan and Benjamin Velazquez! Key Points From This Episode: An introduction to Josiah Sinanan and how he came to be digital lead at Arcade Studios.What excites Josiah about advertising and digital marketing, including how diverse it can be.A day in the life of an advertiser, from tracking trends to client facing activity.Meet Benjamin Velazquez and hear about his passions and how he came to work at Arcade.What a day in the life looks like, staying on top of strategy and community management.  The impact of iOS 14 on Facebook data collection and what it means for advertisers.How Ben and Josiah combatted the impact on ads, starting with educating clients.Which Facebook tools to take note of; Automatic Advanced Matching and Conversions API.Alternative platforms to take advantage of as the need to diversify your channels increases, such as Google and even Snapchat.Some of the most obvious points of impact, from top funnel activity to interest targeting.How to use Facebook features like Lookalike Audiences and Call-to-Action targeting.Why Facebook ads aren’t dead; how Ben views this as an opportunity for innovation.How brands can make platforms work together to get the best ROI; intentional platform use.Josiah suggests some creative strategies for brands focused on traffic rather than sales.Learn more about implementing a boosting strategy for your social media presence.Mitzi weights in on whether or not email automations are replacing retargeting ad sets.The value of investing in ad creative for platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest.Ben emphasizes the importance of knowing your brand and knowing your audience. Tailoring your creative to each specific audience and platform in a multi-platform strategy.Examples of ad creative that Ben and Josiah feel are effective, like no name on TikTok.How effective UGC (user-generated content) is and why brands are encouraged to use it in a thoughtful and intentional way.Who Ben and Josiah think is making waves in the industry, like MANSCAPED and Breda. Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Josiah Sinanan on LinkedIn
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