Free Yourself From Patterns
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How can we break free from patterns that no longer serve us? Kabbalah offers the principle of Tikkun, or "repair." Bringing awareness to our thoughts and actions in the present moment helps us break free of limiting patterns and as a result, heal ourselves and the world. This week, we will learn to how to see the shells that conceal our true nature, and detach from behaviors that keep you trapped in these ultimately unfulfilling patterns. Join us for the next Weekly Energy Boost with @ElishevaBalas and @DavidGhiyam. Watch LIVE Mondays at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET on The Kabbalah Centre YouTube or catch the latest episode wherever you listen to podcasts. Visit us at to connect with the people we’re talking with and things we’re talking about. Help make Weekly Energy Boost possible by making a tax-deductible contribution at #change #badhabits #negativepatterns #patterns #freedom #growth #selfhelp #transformation #kabbalahcentre #blessings #souls #energy #giving #manifestation #love #spirituality #kabbalah #sharing #success #certainty #happiness #lack #fulfillment #abundance
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Published 03/20/23