There is a huge difference between “can’t do evil” and “won’t be evil” | Jonathan Victor
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How will the future look like with the technological boost we experience today? Will we be still able to control our identification data or will it be taken by tech giants and intermediaries? What is the difference between Web2 and Web3, and why is it crucial to be aware about these concepts? Our today’s guest is Jonathan Victor, the Ecosystem Lead of NFTs & Gaming at Protocol Labs, an open-source R&D lab building protocols, tools, and services to radically improve the internet and help us navigate the digital future.Together with Jonathan we spoke about the connection between design applications and data leaks, tackled the possible conflict between data identification and Web3, discussed what is in common between a movie ticket buyer and visitor of any website and if we have brain chips in the nearest future…And, of course, that’s only a tip of the iceberg! This show is created by Storm, a podcast production studio, and Anon, a creative anonymous conscious social network. If you want to dive deep into the world of anonymity & data privacy, subscribe to “Who is that?” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. More episodes are already on their way! 😌
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It’s hard enough to sell major corporations on the importance of protecting their users’ data, or convince the government that privacy is, in fact, a human right. Is there any hope for teaching each and every smartphone user out there to think before they tweet? I’m pretty sure that today’s...
Published 11/15/22
Published 11/15/22
Is it realistic to protect any of the data we share on the internet? Can any company or state promise us privacy? And how can we work to help each other share and consume all of that data conscientiously? Today we’re joined by Brett Gaylor, a Canadian interactive filmmaker producing...
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