Be more savvy about what you use, why you use it and do it with intention | Debbie Reynolds
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It’s hard enough to sell major corporations on the importance of protecting their users’ data, or convince the government that privacy is, in fact, a human right. Is there any hope for teaching each and every smartphone user out there to think before they tweet? I’m pretty sure that today’s guest would argue that there is. Joining us is none other than the Data Diva herself, Debbie Reynolds. She is a technologist, thought leader and consultant navigating the intersection of “Data Privacy, Technology, and Law,” advising everyone from the Department of Commerce to the New York State Bar Association. Most importantly, she hosts “Data Diva Talks Privacy,” regularly among the top data security and privacy podcasts online. This show is created by Storm, a podcast production studio, and Anon, a creative anonymous conscious social network. Check it out at  and download the app to explore the bright side of anonymity. If you want to dive deep into the world of anonymity & data privacy, subscribe to “Who’s That?” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. More episodes are already on their way! 😌
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