WNBA superstar and Olympic gold medalist A'ja Wilson joins Nicole to discuss how her 6'4" height shapes her dating experiences, what it's like to be single and mingle amongst Olympians, and the special treatment of being a WNBA icon. Meanwhile, Nicole is enjoying her own singledom.
Published 04/12/24
Comedian William Stanford Davis (Abbott Elementary) joins Nicole to share how he met his wife in an improv class, the unique dynamic of her managing his career, and the importance of finding a partner who truly invests in you. William also offers a glimpse into his unconventional teenage years DJing in adult clubs and reflects on his experiences with segregation growing up.
Published 04/05/24
Comedian and writer Moshe Kasher chats with Nicole about being a ho, going to a 12-step program for sex addicts, and his experience going through therapy 8 days a week. Plus lots of dating horror stories, including the tale of the biting b*****b.
Published 03/29/24
Comedian Franchesca Ramsey (iCarly) joins Nicole to discuss what she's learned after going through an expensive divorce, finding singles in the wild, queer speed dating, and how dogs can sense when the end of a relationship is coming. Nicole tries to flirt with an older man on a bike. Check out Franchesca's new podcast, Black History, For Real.
Published 03/22/24
Comedian Zach Woods (Silicon Valley, The Office, In The Know) joins Nicole to discuss shooting your shot with your crush, having vulnerably romantic encounters on airplanes, and the time he professed his love to a recording of Moonlight Sonata. Plus, Nicole receives a very special "dirty message" to the podcast.
Published 03/15/24
Published 03/01/24
Published 02/23/24
Comedian Lamar Woods (New Girl, Grand Crew) joins Nicole to discuss their 2024 vision boards, taking yourself on self care dates, the best ways to manage anxieties while dating, and how to be open about your sensitivities to a potential partner.
Published 02/16/24
Comedian Laurie Kilmartin (Conan) joins Nicole to discuss all things Valentine's Day - the gifts, their dream dates, and Nicole's regrettable Valentine's Day experience. They open up about their most regretful hookups, the time Laurie's date called her out in a YouTube comment, and Nicole's experience sleeping with a member of her audience.
Published 02/09/24
Comedian Rashida "SHEEDZ" Olayiwola (Jury Duty) joins Nicole to discuss the best places to go for singles mixers, the time she learned her date was homeless, and the struggle of finding men who can listen to your basic needs. Plus, Nicole realizes her birth control is making her depressed.
Published 02/02/24
Comedian Stavros Halkias (Fat Rascal, Stavvy's World) joins Nicole to discuss hooking up with audience members, why he believes he would be perfectly cast for 90 Day Fiancé, and faking an orgasm during a disgusting fling just to be polite. Plus, is the golden age of dating apps over?
Published 01/26/24
Comedian and writer Garrick Bernard (Rick & Morty, Solar Opposites) joins Nicole to discuss finding love at Buzzfeed, the awkwardness of audience members hitting on him while on stage, and why homecoming was the worst day of his life. Plus, they explore their mutual love for cars. Vroom vroom!
Published 01/19/24
Comedian and friend Mark Rennie (The Onion) joins Nicole to share his experience attending a gay meetup on a Star Trek cruise, and being invited to an orgy. Nicole shares her idea of a dream orgy to attend, plus the plans for her funeral which involves inviting all of her ex-lovers to talk about her pussy. They also discuss determining your needs in a relationship, their goals for 2024, and Nicole's recent attempt to date a redhead in Dublin, which didn't quite go as planned.
Published 01/12/24
Published 12/15/23
Published 12/01/23