THE LADY IN RED: special episode
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Ok this is a little bonus we’ve thrown into the series. Going forward I’ll do some random episodes where I go hunt down someone I mention in my books or travels broadly, someone you’ve got super curious about, to see where things wound up for them. A Where Are They Now with my nomadic encounters as dictated by your intrigue!  Many of you who have read This One Wild and Precious Life will recall The Lady in Red and some of you became pretty obsessed with her. ‘Tho, if you’ve not read my book, this story should have universal appeal. Four years ago, while researching my book, I wound up in Ljubljana, the stunningly quaint capital of Slovenia and the world’s only car-less capital city that’s been voted greenest city in the EU several times over. I noticed this Lady In Red, a young woman sitting on her own who, for 45 minutes, just sat there with soft eyes in a chosen stillness. She became a social media meme, a story that spread, an inspiration (I’ve put her image up in my feed again, as a reminder, and for those of you still wanting to get a visual). Anyway, mid-pandemic lockdown I tracked down the Lady in Red (a fun journey in international connecting!) and got her update, asking her all the questions you’ve wanted to ask of her over the years…. I also flag that I’m taking requests to track down other people-of-intrigue via my NEW! Newsletter ...this is where I now do the considered connecting I seek (please do subscribe!). Find Lady in Red’s image here (I’ll also post video snippets of our recent chat)  If you want to do the hike I did in Slovenia, check out Please rate Wild and leave a comment on Apple here  Favourite Wild with Sarah Wilson on the LiSTNR app here  Get your copy of Sarah Wilson's book This One Wild and Precious Life: A hopeful path forward in a fractured worldhere See for privacy information.
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