BONUS EPISODE 2: How to do a morning routine plus a guided meditation
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Ahead of season 3 of Wild, here’s another bonus episode for the holiday period, a time we tend to reserve for getting our lives in order for the year ahead.  These bonus eps are inspired by my New York Times bestselling book ‘first, we make the beast beautiful: A New Story About Anxiety’. In this episode I’m joined by Brooke McAlary from and we explore some simple techniques to add to your morning routine for a less anxious life, along with a meditation to start your day. For more helpful tips for a better day, revisit my interview Oliver Burkeman, possibly the world’s most knowledgeable self help expert,  from season 2 of Wild here:  And with Seth Godin from season 1 of Wild here:  Get your copy of my book ‘first, we make the beast beautiful: A New Story About Anxiety’ here: ​​  Follow Wild with Sarah Wilson:  Find out more about Sarah Wilson: Get your copy of Sarah Wilson's book This One Wild and Precious Life: A hopeful path forward in a fractured world here  Connect on Sign up to my Substack Newsletter for more thoughts and more on Wild:  See for privacy information.
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