WILL STORR: How to play the status game (a fresh way to fix the world!)
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Will Storr (award-winning UK journalist and author) writes about humans in fun ways, and goes to lengths to do this, including joining holocaust denier David Irving (undercover) on holiday. His books The Heretics, and Selfie, are about how self-obsession changed the culture. Will's latest book is The Status Game and it argues that “Everyone alive is playing a game whose hidden rules are built into us and that silently directs our thoughts, beliefs and actions. This game is inside us. It is us.” Will chats through how his thesis can explain the rise of Nazi Germany, how the world might deal with dangerous humiliated men (Putin, Trump, gun massacrists) and how it can produce more empathy in the world. ​ I mention my WILD episode with Mary Ann Sieghart, author of The Authority Gap which you can listen to here. The Status Game is available to purchase now. Join Will on Twitter and read more about his work via his website. If you need to know a bit more about me… head to my "about" page. For more such conversations subscribe to my Substack newsletter, it’s where I interact the most! Get your copy of my book, This One Wild and Precious Life Let’s connect on Instagram Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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