Our AFL Podcast, '2 Guys 1 Cup' is Moving to LiSTNR!
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Our AFL (adjacent) podcast, 2 Guys 1 Cup, will move exclusively to LiSTNR in 2022. To find it, download the LiSTNR app for free and search '2 Guys 1 Cup'
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"Don't let the Joneses get you down" There are many ways that people get into stand-up, but getting a haircut is not a common one. But there's not much that's common about Lloyd Langford's story so far! Wil and Lloyd chat about his early days in Wales, the creative freedom that Taskmaster...
Published 06/19/24
Published 06/19/24
This week, Charlie got himself into a dilemma involving who got bags and who didn't, but it's not what you think! Wil and Charlie have a brilliant spin-off idea for George Miller to do with a resource that hasn't been mentioned in the Mad Max world. Surveys indicate most men think they could land...
Published 06/18/24