Secret Saboteurs Of Health
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MSG. Sulfur. Vitamin D deficiency. Sunscreen. These are just some of the potential health saboteurs covered by Sally Fallon Morell, the president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, in today's episode, as she highlights articles from the summer 2022 issue of the Wise Traditions journal. She discusses how hidden MSG has been linked to obesity, how sulfur in garlic may compromise some people's health, and how vitamin D deficiency can affect jaw structure and, of course, mood and overall wellbeing. She covers how sunscreen can interfere with our hormonal function. She also offers simple steps to counteract these saboteurs in your own life and your family. Check out Sally's website and blog: Register for our Wise Traditions conference. See our sponsors: Branch Basics, Paleo Valley, and Optimal Carnivore.
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