Slow Fashion
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Up to 70% of fabrics used in our clothing today are made from plastic. Slow fashion is a movement like that of "slow food". We seek out good sourcing for what we wear, just as we do with what we eat. Megan Meiklejohn is a sustainability expert in the fashion industry and the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain for Land to Market. Today she helps us look at our clothing through a new lens: what is it made of, where did it come from, and is it good for the land and our bodies? Megan talks about our choices as consumers and how they can help steer the direction of the industry. She weighs in on whether leggings made from water bottles are good or bad, for example, and she tells us which brands are actually working on sustainable sourcing. All in all, she helps provide us with something of a clothing compass for making better choices for our individual health and that of the planet. Check out for more info and resources. Sign up for the Wise Traditions conference in Knoxville this October. See our sponsors: DefenderShield, UpgradedFormulas, Optimal Carnivore
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