Protect Our Farms...And Our Food
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Meat and poultry shortages. Skyrocketing prices on eggs. Scarcity of dairy products on supermarket shelves. The last few years (and months) have revealed how fragile the food infrastructure is in the United States. What options do we have to help us secure good food, from reliable sources? Judith McGeary, the founder of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, offers insights on our options. Today she sheds light on how to protect the small farmer for the benefit of our communities, and our health. She covers the importance of purchasing from local farmers with regenerative farming practices. She discusses how governmental regulations favor industrial large-scale farming and how we can contact policymakers to make farming more accessible and less expensive for the small farmer. In sum, she offers practical steps we can take to make a healthier future, in every sense of the word, for all of us. Check out Judith's website: Take the 50% pledge! See our sponsors: Serenity Farm Bread, Paleo Valley, Optimal Carnivore
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