A Fresh Approach To EMFs, Smart Meters, 5G, & Vaccines
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You have the right to protect your health and your home. Whether it is unsafe trespassing technology or other unwanted interventions, Josh Del Sol Beaulieu and Cal Washington today discuss how to reclaim your authority against technologies like EMFs, 5G, smart meters and vaccinations. Josh is the man behind the documentary "Take Back Your Power" and Cal is the co-founder of the InPower Movement. Together, Josh and Cal cover how to protect your privacy, financial future, health and freedom in a time when these are being increasingly threatened on a global scale. They offer specific action steps that are practical and efficacious, in addition to explaining their spiritual philosophy that keeps them focused and empowered. Go to the guests' websites for more information: takebackyourpower.net and inpowermovement.org Visit westonaprice.org  for more resources and take the 50/50 pledge Check out our sponsors: One Earth Health and Marithyme Seafood Company
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