Since its inception #MeToo has been accused of excluding as many people as it is empowering. What if you don’t fit the dominant narrative of #MeToo? When issues of race, sexuality, disability and gender identity intersect with the discrimination women face, how can we make sure we all move forward together?
Published 12/12/18
Published 12/12/18
When you are at at your most vulnerable, do the institutions that are meant to protect you do more harm than good? In this episode of Witch Hunt we examine if our justice system is suited to take on the crime of sexual assault. Why do cases take so long? Does the system favour the powerful? How can we change it to make the process fairer for both sides?
Published 12/06/18
How would you react if your manager started sending you inappropriate texts late at night – or invited you back to his hotel room on a work trip? In episode two of Witch Hunt, we examine Australian workplaces and how they treat accusations of sexual harassment. Why does Australian legislation treat harassment differently to other breaches of employment law? Where can you go to for advice or help? And can you trust your HR department?
Published 11/29/18
Episode one of Witch Hunt, a new podcast from Guardian Australia. The global #MeToo movement has had a huge year, bringing to light a host of new scandals and cases. But after all the speeches, resignations and media coverage, what has changed for women and other people suffering from sexual harassment in Australia? Journalist Tracey Spicer explains why more cases have not emerged here, and hosts Gabrielle Jackson and Steph Harmon look at why marginalised communities are underrepresented in...
Published 11/26/18
Gabrielle Jackson and Steph Harmon explain why – a year after the #MeToo movement exploded – we decided to make a podcast about its impact and whether it will make any difference to women’s lives
Published 11/21/18