032 Sci-Fantasy and Romantic Interest Characters
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The guys talk about Vito's new sci-fi generation ship idea for a book series. Where do you start in a series like this? How do you avoid getting stuck on researching planet masses, tidal locking, and the effects of microgravity while still writing a believable, compelling story? How do you write advanced technologies when you're a simple musician/pilot-in-training/author who knows very little about science or engineering? They also talk about how to write a romantic interest character without making them a flat foil to the protagonist. All that plus more t-shirt slogan ideas on this week's episode.
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Let's just say we have a new and improved version of the theme song today. Then stick around for a discussion of the guys' progress, John's experience rereading Lord Of The Rings recently, and even a little about alternative story telling media like video games. 
Published 02/25/20
Published 02/25/20
The guys discuss their magic systems thus far, and how they're integrating them into their stories at this early stage. Sure, this podcast is all about avoiding excessive worldbuilding, but there inevitably comes a time in the story plotting process when you need magic to do its thing...which...
Published 02/04/20