Who is going to make the MLB playoffs? Lot of teams still battling it out!
Published 09/09/23
Basically, it all rides on Blake Snell's next two starts.
Published 09/07/23
Published 09/07/23
Back after a bit of a hiatus!!!
Published 09/04/23
Today we break down this awful Padres debut season from Xander Bogaerts and talk about how this could impact the Padres future.
Published 08/24/23
Series won, but at a large cost as Robert Suarez will be suspended for 10 games for a foreign substance.
Published 08/24/23
Breaking down last week's up and down week and a brutal double header.
Published 08/21/23
Chase and Matt break down Bob Melvin's decision making this season and discuss how much blame should be put on him.
Published 08/17/23
Breaking down the recent Juan Soto rumors and what a deal would look like for him.
Published 08/17/23
Sadly, it finally feels like time is almost out of the Padres to make a late season push this year. We will be back later this week to further discuss Bob Melvin and get into the Juan Soto contract extension rumors.
Published 08/15/23
After playing good baseball over the past month, the Padres get smacked up by Los Angeles and now sit 4 GB of the last wildcard spot.
Published 08/08/23
Full breakdown of the trade breakdown from Matt. Let's hope its enough for this team to go on a run!!
Published 08/03/23
Will try to get you all another vid on the rest of the deals that went down soon. Sorry for the light posting recently, on vacation, so it's been a bit tough.
Published 08/01/23
Breaking down what we think the Padres Strategy should be this trade deadline.
Published 07/26/23
Sorry, meant to post this last week. Will have two episodes out today!
Published 07/26/23
The Padres look to be turning it around (sort of). Meanwhile they seem to be looking to trade off some main pieces.
Published 07/24/23
Next up, we talk about what a Blake Snell would look like and break down proposals with the Orioles and Rangers.
Published 07/20/23
Today we break down why it makes sense to trade Josh Hader away and what we'd expect to receive back for him with trade proposals with the Braves and Rangers.
Published 07/19/23
Breaking down the most recent series, trade rumors, playoff chances and much more in long episode this off day!!
Published 07/18/23
Quick breakdown on the Padres minor trade this afternoon.
Published 07/14/23
First MLB episode, hope you all enjoy! Discussion points below 👇 Biggest Disappintments - Padres, Cardinals, & Mets Young Risers - Orioles, D-Backs, Reds, (Marlins) Aces Falling Off - Sandy Alcantara and Alek Manoah Luis Arraez going for History The Return of Yelli and Belli
Published 07/13/23
2nd half is on the way, got to start hot!
Published 07/13/23
Good end to the first half of the Padres season. Long way to go, but there's hope!!
Published 07/10/23
Breaking down the positions and a couple of the players we think the Padres will go after. Jordan Montgomery just had a minor hamstring injury, but it shouldn't change his trade availability.
Published 07/08/23
Keys to the Padres making the playoffs! Potential trade candidate episode going up Saturday morning.
Published 07/07/23