From the Vault: Dane Donohue
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Digging through the archives as we get ready to launch Season 5 in a couple weeks and found this buried treasure — our first interview with Dane Donohue! The yacht rock legend joined the podcast to discuss life after rock and roll, his big break, the making of a masterpiece with hall of famers, and much, much more. Keith Barry, journalist with ⁠⁠, told the story we all needed to hear: whatever happened? Part one of a two-part interview with “the lost prince of yacht rock.” Read the article to get the entire story: ⁠⁠ Part 2 is here. Things Discussed in Part One: Dane’s big break The first album you never got to hear Keith’s impetus for telling this story, and how it’s influenced him. Amazing stories during the making of the Dane Donohue record The lost single from the lost prince: ⁠I’m Easy, by Dane Donohue⁠ ⁠A short twitter thread⁠ full of factoids and narratives that didn’t make the final cut Whatever happened… The Lightning Round: Does It Float Your Boat? Buried Treasures Off the Map References and Related: ⁠John’s Spotify Yacht Rock Playlist⁠ ⁠Tom’s Spotify Yacht Rock Playlist⁠ Yacht or Nyacht? ⁠The Official Yachtski Scale⁠ ⁠Playlist of songs featured on Out of the Main⁠ Intro/outro music: ⁠When the Music’s On by Page99⁠ Find and Follow: The Mainland: ⁠⁠ Facebook: ⁠⁠ Twitter: ⁠⁠ Anchors Aweigh: ⁠⁠ --- Support this podcast:
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