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Joe Stallion chats to us about starting his business Solvi Digital which focuses on helping businesses that have been traditionally seen as "Boring." This is a really interesting discussion, most marketing careers focus on the businesses and industries that are seen as exciting and "sexy" but there are huge opportunities in so many other industries that most people never think about going into. If you are considering going into marketing this is a must listen, the opportunity that Joe and his team have grabbed with both hands needs more skilled marketers. We also chat about something that most do not consider when entering the world of marketing, you need to be able to sell your services. its os overlooked these days, marketing is all well and good but how do you showcase your results? Joe helps to breakdown how his business has managed to do this.
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We chat with Robert Pell about his career and starting his business Minviro. The Environment and our impact on it, is a hot topic and new careers are springing up within many industries that look to measure or address our impact.  Robert gives some brilliant advice to those looking to get into...
Published 06/19/23
Published 06/19/23
We chat with Tom-James Lee about his career to date. Tom is the founder of vagabond digital a paid media advertising agency. We chat about how Tom got into the industry, as well as how he started his own agency. Digital marketing is such a popular career choice and as such there is often a lot of...
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