We chat with Robert Pell about his career and starting his business Minviro. The Environment and our impact on it, is a hot topic and new careers are springing up within many industries that look to measure or address our impact.  Robert gives some brilliant advice to those looking to get into the relatively new career paths that are now being built in new and traditional businesses as we seek to fix our planet.   A must listen for anyone thinking of getting into the sustainability space. 
Published 06/19/23
Published 06/19/23
We chat with Tom-James Lee about his career to date. Tom is the founder of vagabond digital a paid media advertising agency. We chat about how Tom got into the industry, as well as how he started his own agency. Digital marketing is such a popular career choice and as such there is often a lot of competition for roles, we chat about what Founders look for in potential employees and how you can get your start in the industry. A real pleasure to chat with Tom. 
Published 03/09/23
We chat with luke Tobin about his career in marketing. Luke is the Founder and CEO of Digital Ethos a marketing agency that he has built up over seven years, from a one man band working with freelancers to the full scale global agency it is today. Luke started out in the sales and business development side of the industry learning how to sell to potential clients. In my opinion this is often an overlooked aspect of the industry when we discuss careers within it, being able to sell and clearly...
Published 01/20/23
We chat with David Hunt about being an Executive and business coach. David's background is 17 years as a management consultant working across various industries. I have always been hesitant to have any type of "Coach" on the podcast as there are quite a few internet gurus who give the profession a bad name, but David completely changed my opinion on coaches and gave some brilliant advice to anyone considering a career in the industry. A really enjoyable episode.
Published 01/05/23
We chat with Oliver Scherenberg about his career in the Licensing world, as well as his recent move into the world of NFT's. Licensing is a career path that does not get discussed very often at all, but it is a really interesting subject and connects so many diverse industries. Oliver tells us how he got into the industry and offers advice to anyone thinking of getting into it. If you love to solve problems this is a fantastic career to consider. We also chat about the NFT space, Oliver...
Published 12/07/22
We chat with Katie Narain about her career to date. Katie has had a really varied and interesting career so far, from finance to tech to fashion and now Web 3. We discuss how following your curiosity as opposed to a passion is a much better place to start for those that have never had a clear idea about what they would like to do. We also discuss topics such as university and how to get your foot in the door in the world of start ups. A genuinely very interesting conversation, long gone are...
Published 11/16/22
We chat with Finn Hodgins the Founder of Grouped about his career so far. Grouped is building a platform for creators that will allow them to build their own audiences outside of the traditional platforms. Finn has had a really interesting career and talks us through his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Not only a really interesting conversation on the creator economy but also on how to get your foot in the door at a start up as well as how facing adversity in the from of multiple...
Published 11/03/22
Joe Stallion chats to us about starting his business Solvi Digital which focuses on helping businesses that have been traditionally seen as "Boring." This is a really interesting discussion, most marketing careers focus on the businesses and industries that are seen as exciting and "sexy" but there are huge opportunities in so many other industries that most people never think about going into. If you are considering going into marketing this is a must listen, the opportunity that Joe and his...
Published 11/01/22
We chat with Hugo Campbell about his career to date from Journalism to Co founding a teach company focused on disrupting the events business. Feat it has been described as the "Airbnb of events" It makes booking suppliers such as caterers, photographers, event spaces etc incredibly simple. We also discuss University and the potential benefits of the life experience it can offer students, the choice of whether to go to university or not is something we often discuss on the podcast and Hugo...
Published 10/21/22
We chat with Anthony Smith about life as a trailer and video editor. Anthony currently works for Steven Bartlett and is the trailer Editor for The Diary Of A CEO Podcast. It was a pleasure to hear all about Anthony's career to date from getting started to landing a job for one of the UK's top entrepreneurs. Anyone thinking about getting into the world of editing this is a must listen Anthony offers some brilliant advice about how to learn to become a better editor. With Podcasting being a...
Published 10/18/22
We chat with Adam Feiler about his career to date and what a varied career it has been. Currently Adam is the head of partnerships at minima Global - a truly decentralised blockchain Adam has also worked in Biotech companies working on all sorts of incredible projects, and to top it all off he's also a professor in applied nanotechnology! It was a genuine pleasure chatting to Adam if you are a bit of a science nut like me than this is well worth a listen. A really interesting career than...
Published 10/13/22
We chat with Simon Lucey about running his business Hype Collective which specialises in Student marketing. We discuss all the usual topics, from University to the skill sets you need to thrive in marketing and how to get your start in the industry. Simon offers some great advice including something we keep hearing on the podcast at the moment, Copy writing can really set you apart. A really enjoyable conversation and well worth a listen if marketing is something you would like to get into.
Published 10/11/22
We chat with Dec Penfold about life in the food Industry. Dec has had quite the career to date, including time as a Development and Head Chef, Sales & Account Manager, Virtual Brand Manager (Virtual Restaurants), and a business owner (Decs kitchen) If you are thinking of getting into the industry in any capacity this is such a valuable listen, I had no idea that the industry had so many new opportunity's for those that love food! Dec's job is hugely enviable if your a food lover and he...
Published 10/06/22
We chat with Helen Murphy co founder at Opply about her career and working in the supply chain industry. Its not an industry or skill set we have covered on the podcast and i don't think many people think of it as a career option, but the industry has vast impacts on the world's economy. It offers huge opportunities especially when you hear about companies such as Opply that are looking to revolutionise how SME's interact with supply chains. We also discuss Helen's personal career journey,...
Published 10/04/22
We chat with Matt Chick about software development. If you are thinking of getting into software development Matt is a font of knowledge and gives loads of great advice about how to get started, how to learn and what you can expect once you are in the industry. We also answer questions about what you should specialise in, software development is such a huge industry with so many potential career paths, becoming an expert in a certain aspect of the industry will pay dividends later down the...
Published 09/29/22
Something a little different for you today, we have Dr Adam Symington back on the podcast, over the last year or so Adam has been interviewing applicants for data science roles. If you are thinking about getting in to the industry and want to know how to nail the interview this is a must listen, there is honestly so much value in this conversation.
Published 09/28/22
We chat with Neil Potts about life as the Co Founder and COO at the Vurger Co. The team at the Vurger Co are revolutionising fast food through the power of plants, they are supplying some of the biggest supermarkets and stores in the UK with their range of products, as well as serving their food in their own restaurant's in city across the UK. Neil's story is fascinating from the idea behind the products to the huge growth the brand has experienced over the last few years. Plant based food...
Published 09/22/22
We chat with Oliver Duffy-Lee about his life an an entrepreneur specialising in the world of marketing and specifically Marketing Agency Growth. Oliver is also involved in helping to grow other businesses across a range of subjects. If you are thinking about getting into marketing but you would like to focus on the business development side of the industry this is the episode for you, Oliver breaks down the skill sets you need to build, as well as the vast opportunities available to those...
Published 09/20/22
We chat with Sina Sadrzadeh about his career so far, from entrepreneur to podcast host to head of growth at a web 3 start up. Sina has had quite the career to date, a really varied and interesting journey. I think this is a brilliant episode which helps to debunk the whole "To succeed you must do one thing for the next 50 years and slowly climb the ladder" speech we were subjected to at school. its not the case anymore, transferable skills are the holy grail of careers going forward and Sina...
Published 09/15/22
We chat with Harry MacKenzie about his career so far and his most recent venture Brave new DAO. We will be hearing a lot about DAO's over the coming years so this is a fantastic opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Harry is passionate about finding ways to combat climate change and his company Brave new DAO is at the forefront of his mission. Harry is an entrepreneur by nature having set up multiple companies throughout his career, we hear about the ups and downs of his journey so far.
Published 09/13/22
We chat with Mark Davies about life in business development in the sports world. I found this chat really interesting, its not a side of sport that you hear about very often but its crucial to the success of our favourite sports teams. Mark tells us about how he got into the industry and offers advice to anyone thinking of getting into this side of sport.
Published 09/08/22
We chat with Rob Shotton a co founder of Looseheadz. The mission is simple; to place a mental health lead into every rugby club around the world, and equip them with a toolkit of resources to help #TackleTheStigma. Looseheadz fund this through the sale of their own clothing range, with 100% of the profits being used to help #TackleTheStigma. As Tom and i both played rugby this is close to our hearts and a fantastic Mission we wanted to help spread the word. Rob Talks us through his career...
Published 09/06/22
We chat with Kevin Graham about his career in Social Media. Kevin currently works at manscaped, a brand I'm sure most of us have seen on social media. We talk about how Kevin got started in the industry, his thoughts on university, the positives and negatives of the industry as well as how to get your start in the industry. A pleasure to chat with Kevin.
Published 08/30/22
We chat with Mark Narusson about life as a Digital Consultant. Mark covers subjects such as Website design & Development, Branding, Logos and Social media, outreach strategy and SEO. This is a great listen if your thinking about becoming a freelancer in the digital space, Mark tells us all about the positives and negatives of working in the industry, its an incredibly competitive space which is ever changing but it can also afford you great opportunities.
Published 08/18/22