Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about the prediction that Biden will be forced to resign soon, the Olympic ratings disaster, a deadlier virus than COVID, TikTok time travelers and much more!
Published 07/29/21
Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about a lady who prevented a Vegas Style Shooting, Pelosi's making millions on timely stock trades, Shohei Ohtani being compared to Babe Ruth, the Titanic didn't sink conspiracy, Trump suing Mark Zuckerburg and Jack Dorsey plus much more!
Published 07/14/21
Tyler Zed , Deev and Daniel talk about how some Democrats are now painting the American Flag as  a hate symbol, how the US has lost nukes and not found them, Lebron's meltdown at his son's basketball game, the Stevie Wonder conspiracy and more!
Published 07/07/21
Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about the Olympian cry babies protesting their own country's flag, the UFO report and what it said, the NFL's insane COVID rules for the upcoming season and much more!
Published 06/30/21
Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about the latest death associated with the "Clinton Body Count." Is it real? Also, the guys talk about Biden's deteriorating mental health and his embarrassing gaffes at the G7 summit, the latest cheating scandal in baseball and much more!
Published 06/15/21
Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about Trump possibly running for the House of Representatives, Twitter blocked in Nigeria, the Biden family and their history of racially charged comments & the SJW hypocrisy behind them, Bam Margera's fall from grace and much more!
Published 06/11/21
Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about this week's current events including King Flop (Lebron James) having a meltdown and walking off the court int he middle of a game , Fauci in hot water with explosive emails coming out, China talking Nuclear war & Tupac lives?! Plus much more!
Published 06/04/21
Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about a guy who raided George Floyd Square with an Axe, the China Lab Leak "Conspiracy" that the mainstream media is now saying could have happened... did they lie to us (again)? Kim Jong Un banning Mullets and America's military being too fat to fight.
Published 05/26/21
Tyler Zed, Deev and Daniel talk about the crypto markets in free fall, Chrissy Teigen being cancelled for 10 year old tweets, monkey /human hybrids being bred by mad scientists for organ harvesting, baseball and Pokemon cards selling for millions of dollars plus much more.
Published 05/19/21
Tyler Zed, Daniel and Deev talk about another massive story that turned out to be fake news, DC becoming the 51st state, new Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein photos with Clinton at the White House, NFT's and a new UFO document schedule to be released this summer.
Published 04/28/21
Tyler Zed adds his first guests, Deev and Daniel, and they talk about the media fueled racial division in America, the COVID division, whether or not you should buy into the idea of Crypto and a Bigfoot who killed 3 people?
Published 04/22/21
Tyler Zed talks about the George Floyd murder trial and the very real possibility of a Derek Chavuin acquittal, along with Biden's new gun laws, Texas Secession, a study showing young person's blood may be the key to everlasting life, and the idea of...
Published 04/12/21
Tyler Zed talks about the biggest lie from Mainstream Media in 2021, the CDC's zombie apocalypse guide, the newest climate change doomsday prediction and who is being targeted by cancel culture next?
Published 03/07/21
Tyler Zed talks about the Trump impeachment and his acquittal, a hilarious fact check and misquote of Zeducation by terrible reporter, Bitcoin and its future, Pentagon admitting to testing UFOs and secession in America.
Published 02/15/21
Tyler zed talks about the past two weeks in America, the palpable division in the country driven by rhetoric in MSM, DC and entertainment, as well as the online censorship, the economic sanctions between Americans and where this all leads.
Published 01/13/21
Tyler Zed talks about the mutant strain and the calls for travel bans because of it, Andrew Cuomo and the MeToo hypocrisy, Mutant super soldiers in China and France, College Football Players getting paid to play and the Flat Earthers who say they have...
Published 12/22/20
Published 12/14/20
Tyler Zed talks about corrupt politicians guzzling campaign money in 2020, a report claiming that Congressman are being prescribed Alzheimer's medications,  a man claiming he saw Epstein alive in New Mexico, legalizing Marijuana, the idea of $50,000 in...
Published 12/14/20