Published 04/28/21
Jon Greene runs the online disc golf store, Good Sports Disc Golf. Jon and Good Sports have a mission to grow disc golf as well as opportunities for autistic people (or 'people with autism' depending on your wording preference) and others with special needs. More Jon/Good Sports: https://goodsportsdiscgolf.com @goodsportsdiscgolf
Published 04/28/21
Mark Oxer is a multifaceted disc golf leader with a mile long resume. His specialties are coaching, fitness, and sports psychology. MORE MARK: https://www.markoxer.com @mark_oxer MORE ZEN DISC GOLF https://zendiscgolf.com @zendiscgolf
Published 04/08/21
Zoe Andyke is one of the top FPO players in the world and the founder of Uplay Disc Golf. More Zoe and Uplay http://www.uplaydiscgolf.org IG: @zoeandyke More Zen Disc Golf http://www.zendiscgolf.com IG: @zendiscgolf
Published 03/30/21
Josh Jones is the owner and CEO of AGL Discs - a family owned and operated disc manufacturer who sets itself apart from the competition by being 100% customer and team oriented. AGL DISCS: @agldiscs GET 15% OFF AGL! http://www.agldiscs.com/discount/ZenDiscGolf ZEN DISC GOLF @zendiscgolf http://www.zendiscgolf.com
Published 03/24/21
Snappi is handlebar mustache wearing rapper with a passion for disc golf. All music by Snappi & DevanThatDude - Used with the Artist's permission.
Published 03/18/21
Keith is the CEO of Birdie Fuel Coffee, a company dedicated to caffeinating your disc golf round. Birdie Fuel offers high quality coffee blends and sponsors players such as: Chris Clemmons, Kristin Tattar, Vanessa Van Dyken, Jordan Castro, Steve Brinster, and Tina and Eric Oakley.
Published 03/12/21
Seth Munsey is the founder of Disc Golf Strong and an athletic trainer for some of the biggest names in both professional and amateur disc golf. His clients include Ricky Wysocki, Paige Pierce, Eagle McMahon, and MANY more. MORE SETH @discgolfstrong http://www.discgolfstrong.com MORE PAT @zendiscgolf http://www.zendiscgolf.com
Published 03/05/21
George Fiorini is the CEO of Dark Ace Apparel who produces metal inspired Disc Golf clothing for banging heads and chains. MORE GEORGE/DARK ACE http://www.darkaceapparel.com IG: @darkaceapparel MORE ZEN DISC GOLF http://www.zendiscgolf.com IG: @zendiscgolf
Published 02/25/21
Jesse from Trash Panda Disc Golf has become a social media phenom as he has brought the internet on his journey of designing and making disc golf discs in his garage using recycled plastic. In this podcast we talk about why he decided to begin manufacturing discs from his home, the future of disc golf and environment sustainability, and the trials and tribulations of learning to make your own disc golf disc from scratch.
Published 02/19/21
Vanessa Van Dyken is currently one of the highest ranked FPO Disc Golfers in the world. She is a member of the Discraft Elite team and currently has 19 career wins. In this episode we talk about everything from disc golf's mental game, touring the world as a professional disc golfer, and disc golf injuries. More Vanessa IG: @vanessavandyken More Zen Disc Golf www.zendiscgolf.com IG: @zendiscgolf Cover Photo Credit: MarKing IG: @markingofdg
Published 02/17/21
On episode 7 of the podcast, I sit down and talk to disc golf action sequence photographer, Chris Noreika, who did many of the action photos for my most recent book, DISC GOLF STRATEGY & TACTICS.
Published 02/12/21
On Season 3, Episode 6, of the Zen Disc Golf Podcast, I got a chance to sit down and talk to Gregg Barsby about everything including disc golf (of course), music, how he got started, sponsorships, Barbsy Battles, and everything else under the sun. This was a very fun episode and I hope you enjoy listening as much as both of us had fun recording. For more Zen Disc Golf - Books, Apparel, Podcasts: zendiscgolf.com IG: @zendiscgolf Photo: Local Route DG
Published 02/02/21
On Episode 5 of the Zen Disc Golf Podcast, I got a chance to talk to 2019 USDGC Champion, James Conrad. During the show we talk about his big sponsorship transition from Innova to MVP Discs. We also talk about how he got started in the sport, his particular throwing style, what he is working on in the off-season, and where the James Conrad brand is heading in the future. For more episodes, books, and apparel head to www.zendiscgolf.com
Published 01/29/21
Robin Villman is a professional disc golfer from Sweden and is sponsored by Prodigy Disc and Discsport.se. FOLLOW ROBIN IG @RobinVillman YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXVU-mAg_LSMIXRQCVvTCfw
Published 01/25/21
On Episode 3 (S3) of the Zen Disc Golf Podcast, I got a chance to talk to Professional disc golfer, course designer, and Dynamic Discs Team Manager- Eric McCabe.
Published 01/18/21
On Episode 2 of the podcast, I sat down and talked to world distance record holder and 17x disc golf champion, Scott Stokely. This episode was actually part two of our conversation. Part one of this conversation is Episode 10 of the Scott Stokely Podcast.
Published 01/05/21
THE ZEN DISC GOLF PODCAST is host by Zen & The Art of Disc Golf author, Patrick McCormick. Watch and listen as he talks to some of the biggest names in Disc Golf and its surrounding industry.
Published 01/05/21