Denied for being tall Disneyland facts Did you cost your work a lot of money? Elton John refund Least attractive men Nickname Origin! Keep or delete photos with your ex? Birthday Banger! Bree & Ellie on AirNZ Iphone batteries Having a sister means being happier
Published 02/19/20
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Valentines Day singles playlist We give away our first BUM CANDLE Highs and Lows of the week Bum Candle giveaway 1 Second Song Challenge! Did the inlaws not like you? Brees valentine’s day disaster Friday-Oke! Birthday Banger! More bum Candle giveaway Tinder travel pics
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Are you a shoes on or shoes off household? Our candle has been named What was the short marriage? Do you kiss your parents on the lips? Whats The Plot! What gave you the ick? Birthday Banger! A commercial for our candle Facebook brand access Shaved or unshaven Will Art Green endorse our candle?
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Cleaners make you happy Scotland pub A new musical Dog quiz What did you propose with? Insta Fame Game! Did Bree evade the police? We call Muzzas Pies Birthday Banger! Did you ghost someone? What did Clint see at the traffic lights?
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