Do you actually like a Mexican wave? Dean McCarthy live from LA TVNZs most watched show No undies or no showering? Cost of rent Producer Bens date Trash or Treasure! What was your unexpected bill? Birthday Banger! The Black Eyed Peas Cat food Real life wedding crashes Whiskey facial
Published 08/19/19
Do you have a famous name? Dean McCarthy live from LA Highs and Lows of the week Nutbush 1 Second Song Challenge! What’s the weird thing you do? Matt vs Clint Friday-oke Birthday Banger! Auckland ticket story Aviation news ft. Russia Black Ferns
Published 08/16/19
Who blew out at the wedding? Dean McCarthy live from LA The future of sausages Why do you hate Auckland? Did you have an overprotective dad? What’s the plot Mamma Dis birthday Smart fridges Birthday Banger! Clint’s baby made a HUGE ‘sound’ Ellie said WHAT… Cardi B Homemade sextoy
Published 08/15/19
What’s your go-to meal? Big penguin Dean McCarthy live from LA Bacon internship Happy countries Spoilt brat Mattress money Old shark Yanina or Pop Diva! Bree went skiing Found at Dunedin airport Birthday Banger! Bree still has Linkedin Alcoholic lollipops No attention for Jacinda
Published 08/14/19
Expensive couch Quad squad Dean McCarthy live from LA How much coffee is too much? Who’s coming to your party for 10k? Full body scanning is coming Insta Fame Game What got stuck in your ear? Birthday Banger! Clint’s Linkedin Can you hack the new iphone?
Published 08/13/19
Weather chat Cat vaccine Dean McCarthy live from LA Aviation news Shoes on or shoes off? Buzzy g – weather When’s the last time you went to the dentist? Trash or Treasure How short was the marriage? Birthday Banger! 15million house ASOS fashion
Published 08/12/19
Who was in a car accident? Cashless store Highs and Lows of the week Dean McCarthy live from LA MC Bree does the Friday Jams announce  One Second Song Challenge! Brees car crash story Bledisloe Banger with a twist The mullet is back Friday-oke Birthday Banger! Chernobyl vodka Best tinder bios Costume change
Published 08/09/19
Home Alone remake Neighbour note Dean McCarthy live from LA Would you buy this house? What TV show had the best theme song? Aviation news Linsay Lohan banned topics What’s The Plot! Beach treasure Bledisloe Banger Day 4 Birthday Banger! Are you a young first home buyer? Celebrity Treasure island stitch up Mother bestie birth story
Published 08/08/19
Martini Dean McCarthy live from LA Good bitches baking Struck by lightening Bledisloe Banger Day 3 Have you legally changed your name? Yanina or Pop Diva What’s your go-to meal? Birthday Banger! What was your joint purchase? Call to RossBoss Cow udder comments
Published 08/07/19
How much money did you find? Dean McCarthy live from LA Basketball ban Do you NOT wash your hands? Bledisloe Banger Day 2 Harry Potter Insta Fame Game! What do you do for your partner? Birthday Banger! Pheromone party White lies Puppy party
Published 08/06/19
NZs fittest city Dean McCarthy live from LA Dry July Keto Buzzy G – rugby facts Did they spend your inheritance? AO Lion King Clints keep cup... Birthday Banger! Bledisloe Banger Day 1 Where do you sit in a taxi? S**t beach ‘Veygans’
Published 08/05/19
Buy our baby Dean McCarthy live from LA Highs and Lows of the week Contact lenses 1 Second Song Challenge Adult diaper Hot Mess Express on Flava Friday-oke Birthday Banger! Body sculpting Lose togs Auckland train station
Published 08/02/19
What makes you feel old? Dean McCarthy live from LA Bree has a phone hack Pizza toppings Where did you pee yourself as an adult? What’s The Plot! What did your flatmate steal? Birthday Banger! Changes to social media Treasure in Christchurch Hot mum from LA What do sex dream means? Food roster
Published 08/01/19
What’s the best kind of cake? Dean McCarthy live from LA What’s your go-to meal? Buzzy baby facts Do you NOT wanna get married? Yanina or Pop Diva! Katy Perry lawsuit Bree had laser Birthday Banger! Socks on or socks off? Best pies Supermarket toy
Published 07/31/19
How much to cut your hair? Dean McCarthy live from LA Bree has a secreted relative MC Bree in the building! Insta Fame Game 3 pre-relationship questions Birthday Banger! Science time Shark attack Bree might be in a movie House plus new car What food helps 'indoor gardening'...
Published 07/30/19
Would you eat off a strangers plate? Dean McCarthy live from LA Love Island is fake What’s your unpopular opinion? Bree at Bar101 Instagram hiding likes Trash or Treasure! Who did you walk in on? Birthday Banger! Clint had a baby girl Kiwisaver withdrawal Pricey Lime Scooter What’s making you fat?
Published 07/29/19
Do you let your dog lick you? Dean McCarthy live from LA Highs and Lows of the week A buzzy story from India Drax Project in studio! 1 Second Song Challenge w/ SACHI Friday-oke Birthday Banger! Instagram influences
Published 07/26/19
Noddle chat Idol song Dean McCarthy live from LA Driving with phones Did you witness a public argument? Husband and wife on tinder What’s the Plot! Allan tries to pick someone up Birthday Banger! Fortnite champs Uber menu
Published 07/25/19
Weird new flavours Dean McCarthy live from LA Big BlackCaps bet update When did you cheat in something? Mamma Di is coming to ZM… NEW GAME - Yanina or Pop Diva Are you keeping a secret from you partner? Birthday Banger! Queen news Uber charge
Published 07/24/19
#TryNotToCry Dean McCarthy live from LA Fake news with Clint Throwback sounds Worst place for a proposal? Insta Fame Game! Relationship rehab is back Birthday Banger! Exotic Bird IQ test Drunk flight
Published 07/23/19
What did you take back? Bathroom rules in Air BnB Do you have an ex box? Silver Ferns ft Wendy Trash or Treasure! Clint had a baby Did your pet go missing? Birthday Banger! Kids go on a roadtrip Bree has a bone to pick with Allan
Published 07/22/19
Data for coffee Electric cars Dean McCarthy live from LA Ed Sheeran is doing some reno What was in the pic? Insta celebrity Insta Fame Game! What did you name the inanimate object? Birthday Banger! Life support oopsie Snoop Dogg Tech news  
Published 07/09/19
Fall asleep app Neighbours power Dean McCarthy live from LA Turtle on the runway Did they marry old? Netflix smoking Trash or Treasure! Is this your $250k? The police fitness test Birthday Banger! Cocktails on planes New festival rules  
Published 07/08/19
Dog survival Eyebrows Dean McCarthy live from LA Highs and Lows of the week What fell off your car? New Ed Sheeran Bree live from Fiji Anti-influences icecream What’s the best advice your mother gave you? Birthday Banger! 1 Second Song Challenge Toy Story 2
Published 07/05/19
Online meltdown New sleep app Dean McCarthy live from LA Activewear What’s your buzzy fact? Bree live in studio...kind of Whats The Plot! Did you miss the birth? Birthday Banger! Bree intervention #Channing Stranger Things remix
Published 07/04/19