In their battle against fundamentalist Islam, Christians risk becoming just as great a threat.
Published 12/23/07
The archaic strawman definition of atheism versus the reality of how atheists see themselves.
Published 12/22/07
Details surrounding the creator of Kwanzaa and its violent roots.
Published 12/22/07
Misrepresenting the accomplishments of black inventors and scientists at the risk of tarnishing the reputation of all black inventors and scientists.
Published 10/13/07
The disparity between the respect the politically left claim to have for our men and women of the military and what is illustrated by their actions.
Published 10/13/07
Recent trial of PETA employees killing and dumping animals, PETA's lies about animal shelters and PETA's record of killing most of the animals they take in.
Published 09/23/07
Just a few common sense questions regarding the violations of freedom by police that we accept and a few sites that track police abusing their authority and civilians. 
Published 09/23/07
An update regarding changes to the Shallow Gene Pool podcasts and website and the launch of a new podcast, Rejection Letter Audio..
Published 09/02/07
Comments on the emotional and political ideology of climate change, the equating of skeptics to holocaust deniers and legitimate questions from a skeptic.
Published 06/30/07
What type of world do you think you live in?
Published 06/07/07
A commentary about the people who attack the Church of Scientology.
Published 06/07/07
Are you are a victim of torture and you don't even know it?
Published 06/04/07
Political speech, civil debate and hatred.
Published 04/26/07
An update of the Shallow Gene Pool website and a quick informative course regarding podcasting and some misconceptions.
Published 04/13/07
Comments on the recent Secular Islamic Summit and C.A.I.R.
Published 04/13/07
What Comes Around.
Published 03/25/07
The Latest Addiction.
Published 03/24/07
Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?
Published 03/24/07
Justifiable Crimes and the "heroes" who commit them.
Published 03/21/07
Mexico’s Migra and Immigrant Hypocrisy.
Published 03/13/07
Bioprospecting in national parks for beneficial use in agriculture, medicine or for general commercial use and the environmentalists that want to stop it completely.
Published 03/08/07
RIAA’s new plans to persecute more frightened teenagers, the recently departed and you.
Published 03/01/07
A few simple facts regarding atheist, how society sees them and there actions in comparison to the "moral" theists in our society.
Published 02/03/07
Hypocrisy of those who stand against Wal-Mart and supporting your local businesses.
Published 02/03/07
Speech code censorship, the Fairness Doctrine and its effect on the internet and podcasting.
Published 02/03/07