Young women are going missing along the New Jersey shore. As bodies begin to be located, police need to locate an elusive killer before he strikes again.
Published 06/06/23
Published 06/06/23
A community parade ends in tragedy when a stray bullet takes the life of a child. Would the killer be brought to justice or would they disappear forever into the crowd?
Published 05/30/23
A body is found inside an apartment and an ID of the killer is quickly made. But police soon realize that the case will be tougher to crack than they thought.
Published 05/23/23
A missing woman is found buried in a shallow grave. What happened to her will shock the conscience. And for investigators, the challenge is proving who committed the crime.
Published 05/16/23
A sibling’s concern for her sister and her family, leads her to call the police. What they find behind the door of the family’s home, was worse than anyone imagined.
Published 05/09/23
Wedding festivities at a rental property come to a halt when the owner disappears, leaving behind signs of foul play. Guests, contractors, even her own family, become persons of interest as detectives try to find her.
Published 05/02/23
Unpacking the mind of this killer gave investigators much more than they bargained for.
Published 04/18/23
Ten years ago, a beloved retired couple was murdered in unthinkable ways. The case still haunts the family and community. And it’s one that will stay with Scott and Anna-Sigga forever.
Published 04/11/23
A father missing and a mother dead. Their little boy is investigators’ best chance to solve both these crimes.
Published 04/04/23
A roofer left for work one Friday and never came home. A photograph might be the key investigators needed to find him.
Published 03/28/23
Words, anger and a gun equaled death for a young father. Photographs, video and social media proved to be the ingredients needed to catch his killer.
Published 03/21/23
Brace yourself for a twist halfway through the episode.
Published 03/14/23
Three shootings push West Palm Beach police to catch a killer on the loose before he strikes again.
Published 03/07/23
A missing father… a daughter suspected of the crime… the expression ‘if walls could talk’ takes on new meaning in this case.
Published 02/28/23
Maple Shade, New Jersey is a quaint suburb; its slogan is “Nice Town, Friendly People.” But on the evening of March 23, 2017, an Indian tech worker, Sasikala Narra, and her six-year-old son, Anish, were found brutally murdered in their apartment. Police questioned the husband and father, Hanumantha, but his alibi had checked out.
Published 02/17/23
Larceny, brutal assault, murder plots — a diabolical plan being set in motion, and investigators have to stop it before it is too late.
Published 02/14/23
A police officer’s death… with the smoking gun lying in her hand. Death by suicide or was it murder? Proving the answer would be much more complicated than anyone thought.
Published 02/07/23
When a young man is gunned down, a security guard is quickly ruled the prime suspect. But, his statements send this case in a direction no one saw coming.
Published 01/31/23
An elderly man savagely tortured in his home… Did his job put him in the crosshairs of danger or was it more personal?
Published 01/24/23
A mother stabbed to death inside her home becomes a cold case until a piece of overlooked evidence come to light.
Published 01/17/23
Multiple murders span several years, at and around truck stops. How are they connected and who is the serial killer behind them?
Published 01/10/23
A San Antonio detective sifts through misleading witnesses, dubious admissions and overlooked evidence to rectify a disturbing, decade-old investigation.
Published 01/03/23
A raw look inside an unsolved case. Helping a family get answers would be the gift they need this new year.
Published 12/27/22
Sights are set on a prime suspect, but police have only one shot to get a confession. A criminal profiler helps investigators get justice for the Delgado boys.
Published 12/20/22