Bobby Lee: "My Ex Will Get NOTHING"
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Whats up people! Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino from Bad Friends came by the pod to have maybe the most insane hour we've ever seen. Strap in and INDULGE! 00:00 - Intro 00:52 - Khalyla is moving out 01:58 - Marrying Rich 05:25 - Bobby Lee bombing 06:45 - Bobby exposing Akaash 09:27 - Bobby sober for 7 months… maybe 24:04 - Bobby would be hard if grew up hard 34:39 - Bobby and Akaash are the funny ethnic sidekicks? 41:00 - Santino is a phenomenal actor… 54:29 - Mark Gagnon can SING 01:00:00 - Bobby Lee can sing… Akaash catches a stray 01:15:28 - Harder performing in front of family 01:28:41 - Happy Birthday, Bobby
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