Andrew Schulz On Kanye Backlash, Candace Owens Doc, & Jake Paul Fight!
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aaand we're back, sorry for being late but never the less... INDULGE 😈 00:00 - Andrew reacting to Kanye, Candace and Comments 21:20 - Not See's celebrating in LA 23:44 - Celebrating at Six Flags on Mushrooms 35:52 - Mark is a lousy friend 40:26 - House of the Dragons - pregnancies ain't hard 59:13 - H3H3 getting suspended from YouTube 01:06:55 - NYC Subway ain't that dangerous for NYers 01:09:07 - Alec Baldwin really is deluded 01:13:34 - Asian Subway Lady r*cist meltdown + NYC is crazy 01:26:09 - UFC 280 breakdown - shoulder pops, backpacks and Islam 01:33:18 - Jake Paul fight predictions v Anderson Silva 01:37:24 - Biden proves a deep state + Presidential candidates
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