Neal Brennan’s 7 MONTH LONG DMT Trip
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What's up people! Happy Thanksgiving! We had Neal Brennan on the show to talk about falling in love, his latest Netflix Special 'Blocks' and how DMT wrecked him. INDULGE! 00:00 - Trump v Biden - Neal thinks Biden wins 06:59 - Bottom tops, Oing noises 13:05 - Neal insults the studio 15:38 - Neal's DMs are different 19:39 - Falling in love - Neal does have feelings 27:53 - "Blocks" - jokes on divorces, retention & Schulz's help 34:25 - Neal doesn't want to risk having kids 45:12 - Correct techniques, blind musicians and bombing 54:28 - "Destroying" in stadiums - Fluffy, Rock, Hart 01:05:01 - Elevating specials - use all tools you can 01:09:17 - World Cup takes - Indian Neal Brennan joins in 01:16:43 - DMT & Ayahuasca - "my brain was drowning"
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