Schulz Reacts: Andrew Tate ARRESTED by Greta Thunberg?
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0:00 - Tory Lanez is in....trouble 6:55 - Tory Lanez hit up Schulzy’s DMs, or did schulz slide first? 11:00 - akaash thinks ALL women’s lives matter 13:55 - is andrew tate’s castle even really a castle? 15:10 - andrew tate got hit with the Romanian RICO 19:17 - Top G needs to start appealing to Top Bs 40:50 - schulz always knew crypto is a ponzi scheme 49:17 - if your dumb friends are making money… it’s a trap 53:48 - schulz is the best landlord EVER 1:07:45 - will andrew tate go to jail? 1:09:46 - SBF’s gf is a worse snitch than tekashi 6ix9ine? 1:17:17 - akaash would be the first to get his cheeks clapped in jail 1:23:54 - would you rather get bopped 10x or bop someone once. 1:29:58 - Cristiano Ronaldo secured the €200m saudi bag 1:49:29 - who spends the holidays with their family?? That’s weird. 2:00:44 - psychic schulzy almost died surfing…AGAIN? 2:07:33 - Costa Rica is the coolest country in central america 2:13:20- schulz’s stomach is the FDA 2:22:27 - mexico is the GOAT 2:25:45 - akaash’s existential crisis: there’s not enough Indians at the st regis 2:34:30 - time with family is the family is the real Christmas present 2:35:51 - dov was rizzed up in Colombia 2:42:20 - tourism should always benefit the locals first
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