Schulz Cures 1 Person of Blindness
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What up people, Schulz was so moved by MrBeast curing 1000 people of blindness, he chose to help 1 person see again too. 00:00 Alexx copying Andrew’s swag 11:13 Mr Beast really might be Jesus 20:15 Flagrant wants to help the needy 36:25 Superbowl + Texas v NY + Roasting Akaash’s fit 57:19 LeBron meltdown - fans are more embarrassing 01:06:05 Atrioc Deepfake Twitch Controversy 01:18:44 Prime sponsoring UFC 01:20:19 Sky Bri’s Poo Cleaning Services 01:24:24 Nike suing Bape - streetwear gone too far?
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