Chael Sonnen on Jon Jones, Trash Talk & Lebron's Steroid Use
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What’s good people we got the Bad Guy himself Chael Sonnen. He stops by to talk about his nemesis Jon Jones, The Art Of The Bad Guy, Floyd Mayweathers money problems, & Lebron James Alleged steroid use. This one gets wild. INDULGE! 00:00 Chael Sonnen in a wild boy 01:07 How to be a bad guy - be authentic 07:44 Andrew’s favourite piece of trashtalking 10:31 Code of the heel + The crowd will choose their heroes 17:33 Valentina Shevchenko doesn’t understand her role 25:39 Chael: Jon Jones v Ciryl Gane is a miss 29:23 Francis Ngannou just didn’t make money 34:16 Francis Ngannou v Tyson Fury isn’t a draw 39:51 Chael just loves fighting & father’s affection 43:57 Chael was always a heel + first promo 47:05 Nogueiras won’t talk to Chael to this day 48:58 Crossing the line - Chael’s regret + Tito Ortiz 52:25 Breaking character for Wanderlei + understanding the role 54:52 Andy Kauffman was a genius + Conor is true to the performance 01:00:29 Jake and Logan Paul deserve respect + WWE’s offer 01:03:24 Chael: $8.8m from Silva fight + Jones doesn’t know how to negotiate 01:12:21 Fake news: Mayweather v McGregor + Chael officiated Mayweather 01:21:20 Floyd never made $100m from a fight + needs the money 01:28:27 Chael on CTE, mat rats + code speak 01:31:24 Israel v Pereira is a confusing rematch 01:35:27 Chael knew couldn’t beat Jon Jones + confidence & failure 01:38:27 Chael was NOT clean + LeBron James + PEDs 01:43:33 Bellator 292 - $1m 8 man tournament 01:49:34 Islam Makhachev IV, scumbag nurse + Lance use of IV 01:54:42 Chael on Politics: Clinton, Obama, Trump, Romney & Ventura 02:02:47 “I used to rob banks” + Chael’s wife + D. B. Cooper 02:20:17 Chael knew there was a phoney in President’s inner circle 02:22:30 George Santos is like any other politician 02:24:47 Chael LOVES voting 02:26:09 JFK story doesn’t make sense 02:28:42 Pyramids + Rogan doesn’t miss + Netflix saved comedy 02:33:28 Chael was a virgin until he met Brittany Hottie 02:37:26 Chael would have holidayed on Epstein’s Island
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